November 2020 Update


Welcome to the November update.

Over the past 10 years, we have strived to raise the standards of not only web design and development, but also demoing it in an inclusive and meaningful way.

As we keep building on our existing processes, today we are very proud to announce the inclusion of proactive accessibility checks of your custom content (posts, products and pages) as part of our monthly hosting plans.

So what does this mean?
When we built you’re site and as we keep evolving it together, we always build to accessibility standards however we don’t expect everyone to know or master these standards. We want you to focus on your business so we will help by scanning your blog posts, the products you release and any changes you make in your editor on pages to ensure they meet accessibility standards. If they don’t, it’s OK, we’ll make the changes for you.

What about training?
We will include accessibility training in our training portal soon. We are building it out now.

You mentioned SEO!
Yes, I did, by being accessible to more viewers, Google will rank you higher as you now have a more user friendly website. Google scans items like image ALT Text, Image descriptions and the hierarchy of content on your site. So by meeting these accessibility standards, your SEO will also improve.