How A Campaign Page Can Improve Conversion Rates


Have you ever been doing something on the net then you're presented with marketing or an advert that diverts your attention? Then you click on the advert and the page you go to seems to have nothing to do with the advert that attracted you? This is a common story.

A home page is designed to attract people looking for the services you offer and how you are going to solve their problems. But an advert, an email or you sharing a link commonly has another story, or context.

For example, an amazing bookkeeper in Adelaide, Balance Books, has a website outlining how Sally can get your business back on track. Sally also sells a book. Imagine getting a link about the book then being presented with her services, are you likely to buy the book or look for it? Most say no.

The disconnect between a link in an advert, email or text is because the context has not been carried over. So for Sally, she has a section of her homepage that outlines the books details and how to buy it. This has a link dedicated to the book, Sally's website is but the book section is

There are 3 main ways to continue the context from adverts, social media, emails or messages.

  1. Create a section of your home page and add an Anchor link. This is the easiest way however you are limited to what you can add and it risks diluting your home page message.
  2. Create a separate page called a Campaign page. This allows you to change the message without impacting the rest of your site.
  3. Create a product page if what you are advertising is a product.

How do you measure success?

The easiest way to track success is with creating a campaign or product page. This will allow you to track movement between pages through Google Analytics. For a page section (option 1 above), you will need to add in page scrolling analytics or button click analytics.

How to get a product or campaign page

At Red Panda Designs, we commonly build these 3 options for our clients. I also have a referral program where any existing client who refers a new business that converts get free campaign pages each. My clients also have a powerful editor so they can update and respond to their customers needs quickly. Without the need for a developer.

If you have any questions, want to learn more or find out about how to improve your conversion rates by maintaining context for your customers, please reach out to us at Red Panda Designs.