Your customers, and you, are the start of everything.

The Steps - our process

We have a solid process based on sound platforms, experiences and technology that enables more flexibility than ever before. Business needs and web user experiences are ever changing which is why we focus on the customer and allow ourselves to be open and flexible to change. That change is better known as evolution and keeping up with technology.

Our customers benefit from our years of experience, research, platforms and technology, ultimately meaning you also benefit.


Goal Identification

At this stage, we need to identify the end goal of the site. Working together we explore the below questions. This is the most important part of the project as it sets the direction and path to success. Who is the site for?

What do they expect to find or do on your site?
Is this websites primary aim to inform, to sell or to amuse?
Should the branding meet a larger business strategy or does it have a unique focus?
What competitors site, if any, exist and how should your site be inspired by or different from those competitors.

We do this through tools like audience personas, creative brief, competitor analysis and brand attributes.


Scope Definition

Together we plan out all your requirements, whats included and whats not. This is important to ensure we achieve the right outcome, within the desired timeframe with appropriate budget. The scope may also include your business emails, forms, content management and more.

Together we use tools like Gantt charts and Kanban boards to communicate about development.


Sitemap and Wireframes

A sitemap is the foundations of a well-designed site. It defines the flows your users go on to get information or complete their tasks. A site map also outlines the relationship between pages and content elements.

After the sitemap, we start building wireframes which is a skeleton of the site. This is very important as it highlights the relationship between elements across the site. Its the first timer you get to see the tone and feel of the site.

The wireframes don’t contain any final design elements, is acts as a guide for the final designs.


Content Creation

There are 2 important elements to your content:
1) Driving engagement and action
2) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Going back to Goal Identification, the content will align to achieving this goals to inform, sell or amuse. Readers are engaged and guided to take action by the content itself and the presentation of the site (the design). Great content is commonly short, snappy and grabs the user to click or interact in the intended manner.

Content is also key to site visibility and ranking in Google and other search engines. Using key words, key phrases and triggers is essential to the success of your SEO penetration. Using phrases helps align natural human language to search results rather than just tagging and old tricks. SEO elements include headings, paragraphs, meta descriptions and more.

We work with you and help guild you though content creation to ensure it matching requirements.


Visual Elements

Finally, creating the visual styling for the site. Designs are usually driven by existing branding, colour and logos however modernising how we use these requirements ensures a well designs site and user experience.

Visual elements is more than just photos, other considerations include the placements of objects, proximity to clickable elements, mobile readiness and more.

This stage of design is the glue and a balance between a professional looking site with wonderful images and interaction and a fast, stable, usable and searchable site.



Testing the site is more than just technology, how it works and SEO abilities. At this stage we also test with users to confirm where the site is at, inform any future development or flesh out any issues.

We have a rigorous pre-lauch process to ensure the strangest, most stable sites go live.



Web design and development is a fluid and ongoing process. Launching is about releasing the solution to the customer as it was planned and scoped out in earlier stages of development.

Together, we analyse behaviour, identify any final changes and nurture your site to its live state.

Then, we plan out the next stages.



Unlike most hosting that offer a support line or online chat, we provide personalised support including video chat, custom tutorials videos and a dedicated ongoing support manager.

Post build support is what really sets us apart. We get excited about building sites however helping grow your business is what makes us tick. Your site should never be a hinderance on your business and rather a productive, proactive tool used for engagement, sales or entertainment.

By choosing to host your site with us, you become a member of a passionate crowd of proactive thinkers seeking the best technology and human experiences.

To find out more please feel free to contact us to see our hosting plans.