Save Hours a Week Not Writing Emails

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We all look to save minutes a day with micro improvements like iPhone tips and shortcuts but ignore the large chunks of our day sitting right in front of us. One of those is emails. In this post I'll share with you how I save hours a day not writing email, and what I do instead is much more impactful.

Improve Emails

Now I can't say don't ever email, that's not the point. When someone emails you, an email reply is proper. However you have complete control of the content in that email. Depending on your line if work, you may need to write an essay back, attached files or links. I email links because I use an app called Loom.

Before we get into Loom, let's please acknowledge the value is having your emails set up correctly, reply in a timely manner and organise your inbox in an efficient way. I use Gsuite because for a small fee every month, I don't need to worry about anything, its cloud and it works. There are many articles to help you improve your email usage.

What is Loom

Loom is an app that records your screen you at the same time. It's that simple. There is a small window int he bottom left with options, the pro version has more options while you are recording such as the ability to draw on the screen as it records. Once done, it will open a new window in your browser where you can see the video and all its option. You can change the title, share, add comments and much more.

Why Loom

The more important question is why? I have spent 14 years in Corporate Australia and the one major component missing from business communications is empathy. Emails, texts and CRMs are so dry and factual. Starting Red Panda Designs, I didn't want to type tone dead emails, I wanted to add my words, see my face and communicate the context and emotions along with the message.

I can say more in a 2 minute video than 2 minutes of emails.

But what about the receiver?

I thought about this too, what if the other person has issues getting headphones or doesn't want to play it out loud. This is also the empathy and understanding that needs to be added back into communication. If it's important, write it in the email, if its more of a chat, something informative or a walk-through, then Loom is your buddy.

I could keep writing more about it and how Loom has changed how I communicate, but to be honest, you can signup and try a free account in that time. So I'll leave you with this, Loom changed my business communication and I recommend you should give it a look at.

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Courtney Dorward

Founder, Strategist & Designer

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