How to setup your services for success - money and happiness

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In this post, I’m going to show you how my clients grow their businesses in a way that energises them and supports their personal goals by being aware of what makes money and what makes them happy. Sounds like a lot, but it’s really easy. 

When I meet a new client, we go through why they need to build or change their site. Most of the time it’s to achieve something like selling more of something, convert more visitors, look more professional or improve business flows and processes. When we focus on the outcome alone, we might be missing some fundamental businesses drivers owners should visit. 

In this blog, I’m going to use an amazing client as an example, Mike from Tennis Lessons Melbourne,who is a tennis coach, well a sports coach really. Mike has a diverse client set built up of schools, training at local courts and personal/home courts. As we all do, as I did too, Mike has accepted all coaching requests because as long as he is coaching, he is making money. But is he happy?

Late 2019, Mike and I met up to talk about the next changes to his site. We were talking about placing certain services higher on the page as they make him more money, but there was a tone in his voice or lack of excitement to drive that service. Have you had this? Sell more of a service that makes you more money but not happy?

How to decide what makes you happy vs money:

  1. List all your services or products in the middle of a page
  2. To the left of the service, add ticks beside the ones that make you money. Add more ticks to the ones that make you more money. 
  3. To the right of the service, do the same as point 2 but for the services that make you happy. More ticks mean you enjoy that service more. 

To elaborate on what makes you happy, it’s about what tasks you enjoy doing and what you dread. An accountant may tick Client Strategy Planning over Data Entry. A coder may tick Coding over Requirements gathering. So add more ticks to the services you get more excited about. 

Here is an example:

Example of described process

In this example of a recruiter's services, you can see he enjoys coaching but does not charge enough for it. While charging for reviewing resumes, he feels its a drain on his life. 

If you were very honest about your ticks, you should see a trend. I hope you have more happy ticks on the services that make you money but if you don’t, you have a great opportunity to change your services, offering or pricing into the new year. 

So now what do you do?

Now that you are aware of the relationship between money and happiness, in the context of your services, you can start to plan your next strategic move in your business. For the accountant, I would recommend:

  • Consider a charging model for career advice and coaching. 
  • Automate onboarding applicants and posting new jobs. 
  • Simplify or outsource reviewing resumes. 

Now if you and I were talking about building your website and we went through this process, how much more confidence would you have in yourself, your business and the value a website plays in your strategy. 

One more pro-tip

If you had trouble defining the ticks or a trend, I recommend visiting why you offer these services. In a similar fashion, list your services, to the left write “I do” and on the right “because….” and finish that sentence. The services then look like this: “I do Career Coaching because I find great fulfillment in seeing people grow”. Or “ I review resumes because, well, I really don’t need to, someone else can do it”.

After completing this pro tip, go back to your money vs happy ticks and redo it with the remaining services you want to continue offering. If you can’t answer the Because, I’d recommend stopping or changing that service. 

The moment of realisation

When I did this, I removed a service that made me a lot of money but didn’t make me happy. I was worried about income but something amazing happened, I ended up earning even more money on the services that made me happy, and that made me smile. 

I go through this with my clients, reach out to me if you would like help defining what makes you happy and what makes you money. You knowing this is a responsibility I have to ensure your site will drive the right outcome.  

Picture Credits:
Bruce Mars


Courtney Dorward

Founder, Strategist & Designer

7 min read