Simple Website Hosting Inclusions

Simple Website Hosting is designed to give you what you need to host a safe and secure website with fast loading times and easy access for you.

This plan has a great balance of what you need and nothing you don't to compete in todays internet based expectations.

Here are some details about what you get in your hosting plan and what it means.

Connect your own domain

We can connect your own website address (URL) to the site we build and host it for you. A lot of businesses spend a lot of time managing their technology that is not income generating, we look after all of that for you.

SSL (Security Socket Layer)

SSL is always turned on for your live site. SSL is that green padlock in the address bar. It tells your clients that your site is encrypted from their browser, all the way to the servers. They can feel comfortable submitting a form or typing their credit card details into your site.

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

No matter where your viewers are in the world, your site will load super fast because the Content Delivery Network means a the most recent version of your site is saved on every AWS server across the globe.

Monthly Visitors (Traffic)

100,000 unique daily visitors you can get to your site every month.

Form submissions

1,000 form submissions including contact forms, any custom build forms or subscriber lists.

CMS items

2,000 records you can have in your CMS (Content Management System) database. This includes Blog Posts, products and any dynamic content.

Advanced SEO controls

Automatic sitemaps and customisable redirect messages (301) for complete SEO control.


Connect your CMS, eCommerce items (products and sales) or form posts to your CRM or workflow tool via API.

Content Editors

3 people can have their own edit access to your site to create or update many items, including

  • Content
  • Images
  • Links
  • Blog Posts
  • Dynamic Content
  • Other CMS items
  • Products
  • Sales/orders
  • Form submissions
  • Subscribers

Site Search

A custom search engine for your viewers to search your site with a custom built results page.

Backup and Versioning

Never lose your work, we back up your site daily and create restore points so we can revert back if there are any mistakes.

Site and Page Password

Password entire sites, section of the site or pages for specific clients, or as an intranet for your staff.

Enhanced Security and 99.9% up time

The highest compliance (ISO 27018) to protect you and your customers’ personal information.

Immediate Scaling

Your site will be snappy for the first or millionth concurrent visitor. Don't worry about getting popular overnight.

we also have the Professional Website Hosting. Delivering the same levels of security, speed and ease but with more traffic, editors and form submissions.

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