Rich Text Fields

An introduction into what rich Text Fields can do and how you can use them.

4:03 min

Time Stamps

1:15 - Locating your Rich text Fields

2:06 - How to add images, videos, code snippets, Embed items and lists.

2:20 - Adding a Video

2:37 - Video Settings

2:57 - Editing text (add headers, bold and italics)

A rich text field (RTF) is the perfect element for creating long-form content for blog posts, about pages, biographies — you name it. Instead of adding individual heading, paragraph, list, or image elements, you can double click into a rich text element to create these different content elements directly.

RTF also makes it easy for collaborators (e.g. team members or clients) to edit rich content within the Editor.

With rich text elements you can add:

  • Paragraphs
  • Headings (H1-H6)
  • Images
  • Image Captions
  • Image alt attributes
  • Custom code
  • Block quotes
  • Unordered Lists (bulleted)
  • Ordered Lists (numbered)
  • Videos (Youtube, Vimeo)
  • Rich media (Google maps, SoundCloud, Imgur, Giphy, Codepen, and more)

For any text elements, you can add additional formatting:

  • Links (URL, page, email, etc)
  • Bold text
  • Italic text

We use rich text fields when required when building your site. they are commonly found in your Collection items like a blog post.

Please see the below video for details on how to use a Rich text field.