Navigating the editor

Find your way around the Site Editor, a basic overview.

Time Stamps

The editor is a powerful tool that gives you control of your content and dynamic elements of your site  

The editor navigation is the control panel to access elements in your site. It enables you to move through the back end of the components of your site.

After logging in via YourWebsiteURL/login, the navigator will then show at the bottom of your browser. Options to the left and Publish button tot he right.

Your options:

  • Pages
  • Orders (eCommerce only)
  • eCommerce (eCommerce only :D)
  • Collections
  • Forms
  • Settings
  • Help
  • logout

On the right you have:

  • Preview Change
  • Publish


Pages can be split into 2 categories. Static and Dynamic.

Static pages are the pages you and I have built together. These are usually the Home page, Contact Us, About Us, Services and so on. Dynamic

Dynamic pages are where we have built a template for your collections. Firstly, a Collection can be a Blog, Article, product, list of team members or any other database-driven content you make. let's use a blog post for our example, each blog you write is a set of data. That data is placed in a template, that template with that data then becomes a dynamic page. It means you don't need to build many many pages just for blogs.


This is where you will find all of your eCommerce sales orders.


This includes shop settings, your products, product categories and a link to the orders page.


A collection is like a database — it's where content can be stored and referenced throughout a project dynamically. Different collections signify different content types, and an individual piece of content within a collection is called a collection item. For example, you can have a collection of blog posts, authors, clients, projects, and so on. For eCommerce projects, you’ll also have collections for products and categories.


The forms tab is where you can see all your form submissions from Contact forms, feedback forms, request forms or any other form we have custom build for you. You will also get an email each time a form is submitted and forms can be integrated into your CMS or other recording software via API.