A little about us, but we really want to talk about you

Red Panda Designs didn't happen by accident. It took passion, drive and striving for better design experiences.

About Red Panda Designs

Red Panda Designs started out building sites only on WordPress. The team streamlines processed that well they could set up domains, hosting, install WordPress, Themes and plugins in 20 minutes. But then the real work started. The team built hundreds of sites and thousands of developer hours building websites. 

Then in 2018, Courtney shut the business down for a rebuild. What provoked it was the realisation that although clients got their amazing sites, they were never updated and quickly fell apart. The reason, clients never maintained their sites  WordPress updates, theme creators and plugin developers all working in silos never talking to each other. All it took was one plugin code to change and the site would have errors. 

This was unacceptable as it just delayed the problem by a couple of years. So we set out to fix this. With a unique combination of software providers, automation and APIs, we came up with the business and support model that works for us and most of all, our clients. 

Since relaunching in August 2019 (January 2020 at the time of writing), Red Panda Designs has built more sites and generated more revenue than all of 2017 and 2018 combined. 

Amazing clients like BSGM ESM had their site live within 4 hours and following a couple of further iterations, they have control of their site, a proper support model and a faster website than ever before. 

We hope to also use our skills and experience to build you a strategy and site that helps grow your business like we grew.

Why we do what we do

We believe in a better internet, always challenging form, function and outcomes. 
We challenge form, functions and outcomes through a deep understanding of our client’s core needs & goals. 
The outcome is beautiful, well designed, functional sites.

Our characteristics

Thoughtful but not too serious
Fun but not childish 
Informal but not sloppy
Expert but not bossy
Wired but not inappropriate
Silly but not embarrassing

About Courtney

Red Panda Designs started 10 years ago by Courtney while he was working at one of the big 4 banks in Business Banking. Courtney still works at that bank and has been for 14 years, delivering 2 world-first digital products to the market. 

His time in business banking gave him strong and broad industry experience. During his time in business banking, he worked with hundreds of businesses, helping shape and execute their business plans and growth strategies.

There was a time, 10 years ago when Courtney completed further training in Commercial Graphic Design in his spare time to pursue his passion for better digital designs regardless of income. Since then, the internet, computers, mobile phones and how we interact with technology has changed dramatically. 

These days, Courtney continues to work at the bank managing the relationships, roadmaps, backlogs and build teams for world-first accounting products. 

Outside of digital and products, Courtney, father of 2, finds escape spending time with his wife and 2 boys and riding his Harley-Davidson through the hills alone and with friends. He has lived in Kensington for 10 years and has fallen in love with Melbourne after growing up on the Murray River.