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Sometimes a business is dependant on WordPress like a blog site, sales site or events management. I have helped many people who just get by using WordPress but never master it. I provide personal, one on one coaching specific to your theme and plugins. We provide constant support after training to ensure you are looked after.

Build me a site
from scratch

Many client have just outgrown the look and feel or even the WordPress infrastructure. Part of our core business is building attractive, modern and fast websites that can be found. If your WordPress, Wix or Squarespace site is beyond repair, we can design, develop and deploy a brand new site fit for your business needs.

Improve my

Many client come to me with a WordPress site that snot right, there are some bugs, plugins or themes don't work or the site is just out of date. Sometimes custom coding is required to get it working again so we take this worry away from business owners and get their site up and going, good as new.

Setup my

From my experience, many people don't want to learn to set up WordPress for any other reason then having a site. I have helped many business owners and managers stay focused on their business by taking over the site setup process. I will set up the URL, Hosting, Databases, WordPress Install and Plugins.

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WordPress powers a huge 31% of the internet, so consumers expect high quality, good looking, bug free sites now more than ever.

Our highest selling packages

Setup my
From $190

For $190 we will connect all of your services to ensure your WordPress site is ready for you to start building.

We will:
- Help you buy a URL
- Help you buy Hosting
- Help you buy your theme
- Help you buy any plugins
- Set up your Hosting Server
- Install WordPress
- Instal your Theme
- Install your Plugins
- Upload any media into WordPress

Improve my
From $289

Do you have an existing WordPress site that doesn't work right, has bugs, looks odd, isn't being found or is just slow?

We will:
- Speed up your site
- Improve site-side SEO
- Find and repair bugs
- Run a complete site audit
- Repair errors picked up in audit
- Complete your updates and fixes

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